For maximum Protection and Stability. Several years in the making, the patented Cliff Keen Air Brace was developed by orthopedic surgeons, engineers and coaches, and was tested by thousands of athletes and coaches. Its unique, sealed rubber tubes dissipate shock four ways, while a triple pad design protects the entire knee.

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    • Stretch, nylon lined neoprene sleeve provides compression to increase circulation and retain therapeutic warmth over the entire knee joint to reduce swelling and provide optimum muscular performance.
    • Air Brace ™ Patella Circular Centering brace of neoprene stabilizes the kneecap and protects collateral ligaments. Force of blows along the medial length of tubes is slowed & dissipated by the friction of patented, diametrically opposed inner ribs of the tubes. Air Brace ™ slim tri‐panel design is less encumbering, yet offers more square inch protection to the knee than most other pads. Sealed rubber tubular panels trap air to cushion blows. Each tube dissipates shock to its adjacent tube.
    • Packaged individually (1 per package). Color: Black. Adult sizes: S ‐ XX‐Large.